Young Scientists Bring the Data at AGU

It is hard to visualize yourself doing science if it is either never presented as an option and/or you don’t see anyone whom you can identify with participating in it. These students are the future, and I appreciate the opportunity CiS gives me to try and encourage them to select Earth sciences as a future career choice.

California Academy of Sciences CiS interns recording the sex and size of Pacific mole crabs
Plot graph of the number of female crabs per each year from 2004- 2016 based on the sea surface temperature (SST) in Celsius

Even if you’re not someone who is interested in science, but still someone who goes to the beach, then you should be passionate about MHWs because if this rate of temperature increase continues, then the entire ecosystem will be disrupted which will change the way the beach and its ecosystem look and function. Because temperature is such an important factor for marine life living in certain ecosystems, MHWs can often change the habitat range of certain species which can greatly affect the overall biodiversity of its ecosystem.

Emma Chu, Careers in Science level 2 intern
Chelle Gentemann — Twitter: @chellegentemann



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