Getting a FIRMS Grip on Forest Fires

A screenshot from FIRMS US/Canada displaying the Sentinel-2 Adjusted Reflectance Harmonized Landsat Sentinel (HLS) data using bands 12–8a-4. The image shows the Hermits Peak Fire in New Mexico, USA as captured on 3 May 2022. In this image, the burned areas appear in brick red and are overlain with active fire pixels from MODIS and VIIRS. (Link to view in FIRMS)
A false color composite image from southeastern Mongolia as seen in FIRMS on April 19, 2022. The burn scar can be seen in dark red, the fire front in bright orange, smoke plumes in light blue, and finally white pyrocumulus clouds just ahead of the fire front.
HLS STAC Metadata is loaded into the API database in real time as the products are published.
The FIRMS application first registers a STAC API date range query which is then used for subsequent tile requests.
PgSTAC locates the HLS assets which intersect the query and the requested tile.



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