• Joe Foster

    Joe Foster

    Cloud Computing Program Manager ā€” NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jfoster2009/

  • Kel Markert

    Kel Markert

    Earth Scientist. Python programmer. Open source advocate. Pet parent. Nature lover.

  • Katie Baynes

    Katie Baynes

  • Bruce Wilson

    Bruce Wilson

  • Juanisa McCoy

    Juanisa McCoy

    UI/UX designer, writer, and immersive experience & AI enthusiast. VR/AR Association Member for the Storyteller Committee. Previously at Oracle and ViaSat.

  • Roger Allen

    Roger Allen

  • McDonald Trevor

    McDonald Trevor

  • Ajay Krishnan

    Ajay Krishnan

    Machine Learning Engineer, Senior CS Undergrad, Looking to Maximizing Impact and Minimizing Costs while finding Global Optima

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