Earth Day 2023

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2 min readApr 20, 2023

Earth Day is a time to pause and appreciate our dynamic, wondrous planet. From biosphere to magnetosphere, Earth is simultaneously our home and our research lab. As a deeply interconnected system, Earth provides everything we need to sustain life in its myriad forms, but we must continue to pursue scientific research to understand the complexities of this system and how it may change in the future. NASA Earth Science is at the forefront of these research efforts, leading missions and funding teams to collect, manage, and analyze Earth observation data.

IMPACT is proud to serve a critical role in Earth science research by developing and implementing data tools, services, and infrastructure enhancements to maximize the discoverability and usability of Earth science data. Teams and projects within IMPACT such as the Airborne Data Management Group (ADMG), the Analysis and Overview of CMR team (ARC), and the Science Discovery Engine team work daily to advance stewardship of Earth observation data.

IMPACT manages and engages in projects to promote system development, data stewardship, and concept innovation related to Earth observation data.

The Visualization, Exploration and Data Analysis project (VEDA), the Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition program (CSDA), the Harmonized Landsat Sentinel-2 project, and the Algorithm Publication Tool project (APT) focus on developing systems to collect and feature Earth data and research.

IMPACT also builds partnerships with other organizations and agencies to foster growth of Earth observation technology and data use. The Multi-Mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform (MAAP) and the Satellite Needs Working Group Management Office (SNWG MO) are examples of IMPACT teams that address the broad needs of Earth science researchers and stakeholders.

Explore NASA’s interactive Earth Day events and content

NASA Earth Science is officially celebrating Earth Day a bit early on Thursday, April 20 with many in-person and virtual events. You can learn more about the events and read about NASA’s Earth science initiatives on NASA’s Earth Day webpage. No matter where you are, you can join the Live Earth Day Celebration from 1:00PM — 2:50PM ET.

From all of us at IMPACT, Happy Earth Day!



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